My favorite language for personal use is the really impressive D Language, especially for dynamic webpages and REST using vibe.d. Go and take a look at its awesome features!

Another language that I do really like is Kotlin as an alternative to the old-aged Java. Where D sometimes gives you too much power over possible solutions (ending up bargaining between extensibility and not-too-fanciness), Kotlin has a concise syntax giving you exactly what you need for everyday application development.

Sometimes I use Python due to its large ecosystem, but I'm not too amazed of this language (I'm in strong favour of static typing).

For a living, I'm still working with Java (although mostly the "good", modern one). It works, but its verbosity keeps me from doing the things I really need to do.

Other languages I already worked with, some more, some less, include in no particular order Groovy, Scala, TypeScript, Haskell, Bash, JS, and Lua.



The FSInfoScreen is a still unfinished side project me and some friends (namely ghost91- and chizeta) have created to make use of a newly acquired TV set in our students association. Once it's done, it should include bus departures, a calendar and the current canteen menu of our university, building upon the tremendous Info-Beamer by Florian Wesch. As things always go, we somehow overshot things and ended up with a full continuous pipeline setup and a real development process, but technical problems delayed the actual setup. The tools themselves, however, could still be worth a look (or even reuse) for some.


A simple bot for our XMPP channel. This consists of several components for errbot written in python.

This are heavily out-of-date, as we ditched XMPP in favor of Matrix. I might revive this if Err ever gets proper support for that protocol.


Based upon the "official" Errbot Poll plugin with minor changes and adoptions, this implements a simple polling mechanism.


A fork of sijis/err-kudos made to work with more recent versions of errbot.

Archlinux PKG

Searches for archlinux/aur packages and maintainers.


Bot interface to the F3L cite system(actually, it's rather a quotes DB, but who cares).


Small fun- and evaluation module that enables you to "give" something to another chat participant if you'd like to thank them.


Quite like "give" above, this module hat been one of the first ones that I've written to get used to errbot's API. It provides some sarcastic or "funny" commands that can be used under certain circumstances.


A database application to store and retrieve Quotes (not cites, but citesystem sounds better, and is closer to the german word "Zitat" ;-) ). This provides both a badly styled web interface without authorization (use an authenticating reverse proxy in case you need it), as well as a more restricted HTTP interface usable for other services.

To be continued.



You can find my account here, but please note that most of my code is written under the umbrella of either the F3L- or the FSIM/Phy-Team.


I do have an account on an internal GitLab instance hosting some of my pre-release-stuff.


Most personal repos are hosted using my private gitea instance, some other projects might be found on the the gogs instance of my hackerspace.