Actually, this page is just some sort of placeholder. I have nothing to tell, nothing to show, but a server at hand and an extensible technology to work with, so... why not?


This page is provided by a vibe.d binary that gets reverse-proxied by Nginx.

Why vibe.d? Well, I don't have much content to share, mostly of static nature. Prior to this page iteration, I used markdown templates and manual file management, but this gets tedious quite fast.

As another webapp I wrote has been done in vibe.d as well, I decided to give it a dive for static content as well. This is also the most expansive way if I decide to go more dynamic.

Other than that, I don't use anything: No DB (neither relative nor NOSQL), no Javascript, no CGI, and definitely no PHP.

Currently uses Vibe.d core 1.22.4 built with LDC 2106.


Design is done by myself. The CSS may freely be reused, although it is quite limited

Main font is Charis SIL, except if you have Bitstream Charter installed in which case that one will be used. Here is the license information shipped with it.


The following stuff is planned for the future: