I only seldomly use my GnuPG keys, but here they are, nevertheless.

Main key

Since 2019-03-22, I do have a new primary PGP key. You can download it from SKS-keyservers.

Its ID is rsa4096/0x88FA 1A78 F2C9 2673, with an expiry date of 2023-03-21.

The fingerprint is 4EE6 CF35 BCAB 280B 18BE F9F4 88FA 1A78 F2C9 2673.

There currently are 4 user-ids: ul li.verbatim Oliver Rümpelein <> li.verbatim Oliver Rümpelein (XMPP) <> li.verbatim Oliver Rümpelein (Spam Inbox) <> li.verbatim Oliver Rümpelein (Hackspace Mail) <>

Other keys

Before that, for encryption I mainly used a key with ID rase4096/0xEC7A 73BC 0DCD EBCD that expired on 2018-08-30.

Out of stupidity, I lost the corresponding master key, so many of my signatures are done using a separate keysigning key with ID rsa4096/0x6974 A8DE 89D6 1727 that will expire on 2019-09-10. Its fingerprint is BDCD 19DB D6CE 48CB 013F 82F6 6974 A8DE 89D6 1727